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    Welcome ! ! !


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    Welcome ! ! !

    Post  Administrator on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:51 am

    Hello and Welcome to all our new members,

    I want to say a couple of words about our guilds history, goals and expectations.
    Basiclly, we are new formed guild. Before we decided to start making our guild bigger by recruiting new members, we've had only couple of loyal members, who were/are at, aprox maximum level of WoW experaince and knowledge. Together, we've manage to make worthly reputation in BGs and while Raiding. Beside the fact that we prefers PvE, we also have the best PvP players on the server, so that part of WoW wont be forgoten here.We are also planing diferent events inside the range of guild, so our members would have a chance to show their skills and get to know others. As you can see, we are here to help and train our guildies to be as much professional as they can.Soon, we will set few class experts wholl be competent to give advices to all those who need them. In return we are asking for strict discipline and respect of all rules that Evil Dead guild sets. From time to time we will also set some Forum events, related with game, and reward winners with very desirable rewards.

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