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    Post  djemo on Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:20 am

    1.Main Character Name : Disterbia
    2.Class: Shaman
    3.Main Spec PvP and Pve :
    4.Professions : Mining - Tailoring low skill Xia recently began to climb
    5.Alt: I dont have Alts .
    6.Years: 17
    7.From: Bulgaria
    8.Time is my Country : Gmt 00:34
    9.Play Time :
    Monday Gmt 18:00 - Gmt 12:00
    Tuesday Gmt 19:30 - Gmt 11:00
    Wednesday Gmt 17:00 - Gmt 04:00
    Thursday Gmt 18:30 - Gmt 02:00
    Friday Gmt 20:00 - Gmt 23:30
    Saturday Gmt 12:00 - 04:00
    Sunday Gmt 14:00 - 01:30
    11.Played : Im played 3 Years WoW.
    12.Some people from Bulgaria where we know from Wow just told me that you did Pve very well and I love going to PVE and loved to kill Bosses And I want to join you.
    13.I prefer PVE PVP Cause wash place more interesting with an army to go ahead and pass a Raid and kill everything inside gives her a cool morning on the way to Heal and Dps Bosses to die. And because of my TFA is interesting PVE.
    14.Addons : Xperl and Cooldowns.
    15.Well Noobecabg can respond to me with him we talked to the guild Xia.
    16.My experience is Onyxia Raid before TBC where I remember.
    17.My expertise is in Raid (TBC) is Black Temple, SWP, Tempest Keep and Hyjal Summit.
    18.My experience is Raid Onyxia's Lair, Naxxramas, ICC, Toc, Ulduar he took in a Bulgarian Server until now.
    19.I play one month and wash Mmorpg4all Server quite entertaining but I can not find a guild as <Evil Dead> Wherever raydove to do but you are number one in the Server of chords to go to Raids and for this I am with you and raydov to Praia and do everything possible to earth guild please me to you.
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